Master of Ceremonies

So many announcements, so much organising to keep your special day on track. Don’t worry, if you want an MC to keep the day running smoothly, let me do it for you. I’ll make sure that everyone feels welcome and keep the humour and warmth of the event.

I’ll provide light-hearted banter and let the wedding party know where they’re meant to be and what’s coming up. I’ll work closely with your suppliers to discreetly deal with any changes or interruptions to the schedule, so that your day can continue to run smooth & without any disruption. I will be the host with the most as I guide the guests through:

  • Speeches
  • Dinner being served
  • Photos
  • Bride and Groom Welcome
  • Speech introductions
  • Announcing cutting of cake
  • Introducing the first dance

Why does a comedian make such a great host?

Well comedians have natural wit and instinctual charm, to keep your audience laughing from start to finish. They know how to connect with your audience on a personal level. They also know how to involve the wedding guests to make them feel part of the big day, and we certainly know how to work a room.

Louise has been entertaining audiences home and abroad for over 20 years. She worked alongside Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr, Rich Hall and Steven K Amos among others as she entertained international audiences with her Glaswegian wit. Louise won numerous awards though was knocked out of the prestigious, Channel 4’s ‘So you think you’re funny’ competition by Russell Brand.

If you want an unforgettable day fill with laughs then get in touch.

Master of Ceremonies / Event Host’ prices start from:
£350 (if booked with an existing celebrant service)
£450 (if booked separately)

TC’s Plus travelling expenses if over 20 miles distance. This is charged at 50p per mile. If the distance means an overnight stay then a cost of a basic hotel room will be required.