Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremonies 1Your wedding ceremony should be a joyful ceremony that reflects you, your love for one another, and the happiness you share. I’ll create a ceremony that echoes who you are. A wedding ceremony that is every bit as unique as you are. We’ll create a ceremony which features love, romance, and a few laughs. 

I don’t do dull weddings! How many ceremonies have you attended where you’ve caught yourself checking your watch or wondering how long to go till the ceremony is over and the fun starts?

Whether you’re planning a big wedding or a smaller and more intimate affair I’ll deliver a ceremony that lets your guests know more about you as they share in your celebration. You are the stars of the show and I’m happy to take a back seat or step up as you wish.

I’m able to provide a ceremony that will bridge the gap between those who have religious faith and those who don’t. You can also include whoever you want in your ceremony, mums, dads, friends. Your ceremony can be as formal or as informal as you wish, and I help guide you with readings, music choices, promises and structure.

Your ceremony will include:

  • Laughs, maybe a few tears
  • A handwritten wedding ceremony
  • A virtual rehearsal
  • Get-to-know-you homework
  • Officiating on the day
  • Funny and warm delivery of your unique ceremony
  • Peace of Mind


About your Celebrant

I’m a working comedian who regularly performs and comperes at top comedy nights and comedy festivals. I’ve been entertaining audiences at home and abroad for over 20 years. I’ve worked alongside Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr, Rich Hall and Steven K Amos among others. I’ve won numerous awards though was knocked out of the prestigious, Channel 4’s ‘So you think you’re funny’ competition by Russell Brand. I’m the best-selling author of How to be a Comedian and Smash your First Gig, and The New Comedians Handbook which was featured in the Scotsman Newspaper in the best new books section.

Think we make a good match?

How it works

  • We have a 20 min initial online discovery call.
  • If you’re keen for me to me your celebrant, we decide on which package best suits.
  • The booking is made, and date and times are booked in the diary. An email confirmation will be sent. Refund and Cancellation policy can be found here.
  • I arrange to meet you both. I want to find out more about both of you. This will help craft your ceremony and make it more personal. The meeting can be in person if your happy to meet in Sussex, or online if your busy people. A short questionnaire will be sent to you both before this meeting which should be back to me at least 5 days before.
  • Some couples prefer to hear the ceremony for the first time on the day alongside the guests though there’s also an option of a read over first too.
  • You send over your wedding day schedule.
  • I turn up and deliver an amazing ceremony that you and your guests love.

Price: Weekday £600/ Weekend £700

TC’s Plus travelling expenses if over 20 miles distance. This is charged at 50p per mile. If the distance means an overnight stay then a cost of a basic hotel room will be required.

I am happy to host the wedding reception too. I’ll keep the fun and energy going as the Master of Ceremonies. With years of Stand-up and Compere experience, you can be assured of a great night full of laughs, fun and a real sense of community. You can combine your Celebrant package with the master of ceremonies package for a reduced fee. Check out the wedding packages.

How to get started-Book a discovery call to discuss

What they had to say.

“Louise delivered a ceremony which had an excellent balance of romance, laughter, passion, and emotion. She has a terrific storytelling style and was hilariously entertaining. We were so pleased that we hired her for the master of ceremonies too. She really brought the guests together and made our day really special. Sophie Fatehnia

The idea of getting a priest who has no idea of who we are and reads our name from his notes is so far away from what we wanted for our ceremony. Our family and friends are a funny bunch and Louise’s sense of humour was right up our street. Our guests raved about it, and it was hilarious to have so many real things about us in the ceremony. It was perfect with just the right amount of romance, sincerity, blushing and laughs.  Louise’s hosting skills were superb too, and how she got every member of my entire family up to dance is an absolute miracle. Thanks so much Louise.

Get in touch and let’s create an unforgettable ceremony.