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Hi, My name is Louise. I’m a Professional Celebrant with a background in Stand-up Comedy. I want to breathe new life into your ceremony! I’m no stranger to being cool, calm, and collected under pressure and I bring those assurances into my ceremonies.

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I write and deliver wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, naming ceremonies that celebrate you as individuals, couples and families.

I also deliver funeral services for your loved ones that celebrate their lives and share you and your family’s memories. I create personal, and touching ceremonies for loving couples, dotting parents, or grieving families.

I want to get to know you and let your guests know you better too. I take great pride in frequently being mistaken for an old family friend at my ceremonies.

For over a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of people become more confident, relax, and own their space through my business Brighton Comedy Course. I teach Stand-up Comedy, Creative Writing and Public Speaking. I believe that everyone has it in them to put nerves aside and enjoy their time in the spotlight. So, relax, your ceremony is in safe hands.

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