Wedding Speech Coaching


A comedian with over 20 years’ experience will teach you how to write, edit and deliver a funny, entertaining speech that will go down in history. Tuition will incorporate timing, delivery, and stage techniques to help make your speech unforgettable. This expert tuition is ideal for any public speaking occasions.

This is ideal for the father/mother of the bride, the best man or best woman, or the bride or groom.

This coaching is delivered one on one. On the first session we’ll hear what you have and make suggestions on content, delivery, and timing. On the second session, we’ll hone the speech to it’s very best and give pointers on delivery. This is practical tuition designed to provide the tools and know-how for you to tap into your own comedy genius. Learn how to write and structure your own speech and deliver it with confidence and style.

This is ideal if the father/mother of the bride, the best man or best woman, or the bride or groom need a little help to write their speeches. The coaching is available online or in person (logistics permitting.)

About your Celebrant

Louise is a working comedian who regularly performs and comperes at top comedy nights and comedy festivals. She’s been entertaining audiences at home and abroad for over 20 years and has worked alongside Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr, Rich Hall and Steven K Amos among others. She’s won numerous awards though was knocked out of the prestigious, Channel 4’s ‘So you think you’re funny’ competition by Russell Brand. Louise is the best-selling author of How to be a Comedian and Smash your First Gig, and The New Comedians Handbook which was featured in the Scotsman Newspaper in the best new books section.

Think I can help you with that killer speech? Get in touch and let’s get started.

What people say about Louise’s training:

“It went really well – largely because of your input.  I was widely congratulated on my timings (entirely down to you) and managed to make them all laugh and cry. So, all in all, thank you very much.  I am sure I will be father of the bride again so I will definitely be back to you then and will have no hesitation in recommending you whenever I have the opportunity to do so. Thank you.” David Hodge

I used Louise’s Best man Coaching service and it was fantastic. She really helped me with the content and delivery of the speech, as well as massively improving my confidence. Highly recommended. It enabled me to get through the day with confidence and deliver a well-received speech! The process itself was also fun and she was great a great coach. Mark Ritchie

“It was a riot. My speech went down a treat. Thank you Louise.” Andrew MacFadyen