Wedding Law

Is a celebrant wedding legally binding UK?

Around 10,000 celebrant-led wedding ceremonies currently take place each year in England and Wales. These ceremonies are of course legal to hold, but as it stands a celebrant cannot perform a legally binding marriage or civil partnership – that part must be done separately.


To become legally married in England, if you have a Celebrant ceremony, you will need to register your intent to marry with the registry office and book your appointment to sign the legal documents. The legal element of your marriage is just a short appointment that will involve signing the marriage licence and saying a few contracting words in front of 2 witnesses of your choice. It is not a legal requirement to exchange rings and vows, so these can be kept for your wedding ceremony with your Celebrant.


The legal process can differ slightly from one local authority to the next, so please check in with your local registry office on the steps you need to take to become legally married. Once complete, you are free to have a Ceremony that you truly love.


The Good News

Is that it is possible however to get the legal red tape done separately before or after your wedding ceremony, allowing you to choose where and who you want to marry you.

You can have your wedding ceremony in formal venue (with or without a licence) on the beach, on the Pier, by your favourite lake. The Options are endless. For now, we are happy to leave the red tape with the Council to deal with and get on with crafting a unique and intimate ceremony as a celebrant who knows you. It is about celebrating your love and relationship in a way that is special to you.

Here’s fantastic step by step to help your process.