Naming ceremonies are a wonderful way to welcome new children, whether they are new-born babies born into the family or children adopted into the family. We will create a ceremony that’s personal to you and your child. This is a perfect way to celebrate your child with your family and friends.

Let us work with you to get the wording, atmosphere, and get the sentiment just right as you make your promises to share your love, hope and dreams for your child.

If you don’t feel that a full religious ceremony is right for you, but would like to include traditional elements, then you can choose Guide parents instead of the traditional God parents, to make promises and commitments to your child.

You can share the reason you choose their name before we formally name the little one and you can choose poems, music and readings that will reflect your dedication and love to your child in front of your family and friends. We will go through the responsibilities of any chosen roles before the ceremony.

On the day, we will arrive well before guests to ensure the safe running of the ceremony. We will end with the singing of the certificates.

Let’s create a wonderful day to welcome the little one into your family.

Price £300


I’ll travel anywhere, though there are travelling expenses if over 20 miles distance. This is charged at 50p per mile. If the distance means an overnight stay then a cost of a basic hotel room will be required. I cover the whole of the Southeast including Oxford, Sussex, Surrey, London, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Kent.